who we are and how it all started..

Our journey begins long since gathering with family and friends has always been a precious, exciting and awaited time together. We would specially plan what to eat, pull out our special dinnerware, prepare most loved clothes, get new furnitures or even fresh coat of paints! They were memories from our childhood. To continue these special memories, here we are to create new ones for you too! Each of our collections were special treasure and some are carefully handmade, while also following new trends there is.. without breaking your bank account! 

So here we are presenting to you, your family and friends for any kind of celebration. We hope you find our collections just like you find your silverlinings! from variety of catering equipment to create special Food Station, Drink Station, Buffet Table, Picnic seating, Dessert Table, Grazing Table and so on.. Let's start planning and celebrating, cheers!

                                                                              Many thanks,

Silverlinings Team